Deep Clean Your Windshield before Summer Vacation!

June 14th, 2023 by

How to Deep Clean Your Windshield

This summer, you will likely take your family on a vacation, and apart from worrying about keeping your kids from driving you crazy, you’ll be fixated on potential vehicular issues that might arise during your trip. So, you might make a mental checklist prior to departure: Oil change, check. Brake service, check. Transmission flush, check. Easily forgotten among maintenance fixes, however, is visibility. Many accidents can easily be avoided by improving the visibility in your car, and this often comes down to something so simple as keeping your windshield clean. So, from your friends at Robbins Nissan, here’s a quick rundown of how to deep clean your windshield for summer.

Step One: Clean Inside Windshield. A large portion of the glare comes from inside your vehicle, a result of dust buildup and, believe it or not, from a barely visible film that accumulates from your defrost. Using a microfiber cloth and window cleaning solution, wipe from side to side and top down. Wiping in circles often leads to marks and uneven cleansing, only exacerbating the glare.

Step Two: Pre-Wash Outer Windshield. Using just water and a soft brush, lightly scrub to lift many of the bugs and loosen the dust and dirt from vehicle exhaust. Simply rinse off the windshield surface, allowing it to dry slightly before moving on.

Step Three: The Deep Cleanse. Using the same microfiber cloth and cleaning solution as before, again wipe from side to side and top-down. All of the soot and bugs will easily be removed.

Step Four: Prepare and Prevent. After all of that work, it would be silly to leave your wiper blades and washer fluid in their current state. Using just a paper towel and water, wipe down the length of the wiper blade–we know, it’s kinda gross–and fill your wiper fluid.

And you’re clean! No glare during rainy weather or dark driving conditions! Mission accomplished! We at Robbins Nissan want to wish everyone a safe upcoming travel season, and when you’re ready to find the perfect vacation-ready vehicle for all of your upcoming trips, visit us at Robbins Nissan in Humble, TX!

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