Head-to-Head Comparison: Nissan Maxima vs. Acura TLX

https://youtu.be/ZswT2TXG50?list=PLmqH_zcXS-Vue5fMGL3wmf4gz7LdUbU37 You’e graduated from your starter car and are looking for something a little more, consider the 2017 Nissan Maxima available at Robbins Nissan. You want something with room, and style, and cool features. Consequently, the Nissan Maxima has caught your eye, with its mixture of space and style. Since you are searching for a Nissan Maxima in Humble, you should check out Robbins Nissan, the top Houston-area and Humble Nissan dealer. While you’re already sold on its looks and performance, you should do a little comparison-shopping against one of its competitors, such as the Acura TLX. We think you will be ery pleasantly surprised.

Nissan Maxima s. Acura TLX

On your way to finding a Nissan Maxima in Humble, you should understand some key differences between these two automobiles. For instance the Nissan Maxima features significantly more power than the TLX, with 300 horsepower compared to the TLX’s 206, 262 pounds of torque s. 182 in the TLX, and six cylinders to four. It also boasts more front legroom and cargo space than its Acura counterpart, and the list of standard features, safety, comfort, convenience and the NHTSA crash test results, are almost identical.