Benefits of a Spoiler

What are the Benefits of Having a Spoiler on your Car?

When drivers isit our new model lineup at Robbins Nissan, they’ll ineitably come across sporty models like the 370Z or Maxima, ones that have a spoiler on the rear. However, they’ll generally disregard the spoiler as little more than an aesthetic flourish, one that is added just to make the car look cool. But is that true? Are there benefits to haing a spoiler on your car?

Are there Benefits to Haing a Spoiler on your Car?

Spoilers Boost Fuel Efficiency

Here’s a little known fact: the dams and fascia on the front of a car are also forms of spoilers. What these items do is improve airflow, directing the head-on wind under, oer and around the hood of a vehicle. This allows the car to expend less energy to propel itself forward, which results in the use of less fuel.

What a Spoiler DoesIt Greatly Improves Traction

The chief purpose of a spoiler — yes, even more than looking awesome — is to improve the downforce for a car that traels at high speeds. Sports cars regularly experience a small amount of lift when they are really cruising, and this can make it feel like the tires are pulling off the road. A spoiler “catches” the airflow, which results in more downforce on the vehicle. This in turn lets the car grip the roadway more tightly.

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They Make a Car More Visible

Spoilers become widespread in the 1970s, with models such as the Porsche 911 leading the way. However, it wasn’t just because they looked cool. The spoiler added more isibility to the rear of the vehicle, letting cars approaching from behind see the car ahead better. (Gien the small proportions of the 911, this makes perfect sense.) So, especially for spoilers that have brake lights built into them, this added isibility certainly helps.

The Weight of a Vehicle Can be Reduced

Can adding a part actually reduce the weight of a vehicle? Well, no, not exactly. However, because a rear spoiler improves downforce to such a great degree, and because front spoilers reduce drag, automakers can use lightweight components that don’t weigh as much. So, indirectly, the vehicle’s weight is reduced. And here, you always thought that a spoiler was little more than an ornament to look like some sort of rockstar. Not so.