Road Trip Destinations in Texas

Take an adventurous road trip this summer

Fun Road Trip Destinations in Texas 

Summer is the time for kicking back and having fun, and what could be more fun than taking an adventure-filled road trip?  Plus, there are some amazing places to visit in Texas.  Here are some of our favorite road trip destinations in Texas. 

Outer cathedralCascade Caverns 

This beautiful and natural cave is simply breath-taking.  Located just outside of San Antonio, you can cool off from the summer sun with a 45-minute tour of the all of the amazing different rock formations that have formed over many years.  It’s a perfect destination for the summer since the caverns only reach about 64-degrees, so you can escape the Texas heat.  Plus, there are over 100 campsites and plenty of amenities for a fun weekend of camping. 

Corpus Christi 

If you’re a beach and ocean fan, then this is definitely a place you need to stop at during your road trip.  You can relax on one of the many beaches, visit one of the ports or islands, enjoy the museums like the USS Lexington battle ship or spend a day at the Texas State Aquarium.  And you can even camp on the beach with one of the available oceanfront campsites.  There is so much to do here, you may not want to leave. 

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Enchanted Rock 

A popular place to visit, many tourists are “enchanted” by the enormous pink granite dome that was formed from molten magma.  There are several other unique rock formations and other attractions to check out as well, including a nearby town filled with boutiques and orchards.  But, this is a great place to visit if you are a thrill-seeking and active person, there are tons of hiking trails and places for both amateur and expert rock climbers.  You can also enjoy camping, bird watching, stargazing and picnicking while here. 

Austin NightsRoute 66 

This can be a trip itself, with 178-miles of the legendary route in the Texas Panhandle.  You’ll be able to stop at numerous ghost towns, historic relics and nifty attractions like the Devil’s Rope Museum and Philip’s 66 Service Station.  There are also humorous landmarks to see as well, such as the “World’s Largest Bottle of Ketchup.”  Not to mention that the route is surrounded by its own natural beauty. 

And don’t forget to visit one of the popular Texas cities, where you can enjoy authentic foods, an exciting nightlife and historic landmarks: 

  • Houston 
  • San Antonio 
  • Dallas 
  • Austin 
  • Paris 
  • Galveston 

Have a fun-filled and safe road trip this summer!  Let us know in the comments the places you visited. 

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