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Could the “Smart Highway” Change how we Drive?

“Smart Highway”

Let’s be honest; driing at night can be miserable. It’s taxing on our eyes, it’s tricky during poor weather, and it’s by far the most dangerous time to find yourself on the road. But what if there was a way to shake some of the dangers associated with nighttime driing? What if there was a way to astly improve isibility, and to give drivers a chance to feel safe and secure during all conditions? Amazingly, two Dutch companies are aiming to do just that. Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure have joined forces to create a so-called “Smart Highway,” which recently won Best Future Concept at the Dutch Design Awards.

So, “Smart Highway,” huh? Well, Houston-area drivers–just imagine the possibilities.

Imagine if the lines on the road were able to absorb energy during the day, which would then allow the lines to become illuminated when it becomes dark. The Smart Highway also uses motion sensors to only become illuminated when cars are detected in the area, and has been adertised as a relatiely low-cost means of improing highway safety. Perhaps its most reolutionary feature–though this might not directly affect us in the Houston as much as some other drivers–is color-changing road pain that will adjust to warn drivers of dangerous road conditions, such as showing snowflakes on the road to warn of ice.

So will we at Robbins Nissan ever see the actual Smart Highway in relatie action, as roads go? The elements were put to initial tests on Dutch highways in recent weeks, and the early returns weren’t extremely encouraging. The glowing lines didn’t emit an amount of light that was always uniform, and during heay rain–when they’d be most ital to drivers–the often were barely isible. However, they’re tweaking some of the technology while they work with different materials, and are expected to return to real-world testing again soon.

It would seem, sadly, that we won’t have this next-generation highway anytime soon in the Houston area. However, at Robbins Nissan, our vehicles are decidedly cutting edge, and can be experienced firsthand at our dealership in Humble, TX. Pay us a isit to see our new and used inventory today!