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What do We Need to Know About Nissan’s Upcoming Apple CarPlay?

Nissan’s Upcoming Apple CarPlay

What do you have in your pockets right now? Go ahead, check. If you are like oer 150 million other Americans, you likely have a smartphone of some kind in your pocket (or purse, etc.), and with that number only expected to grow in the coming years, cars have taken notice with their own technology platforms. In an effort to stay ahead of the cure, Apple recently uneiled their iOS-based CarPlay system at the Genea Auto Show, which will soon be integrated into Nissan vehicles. So that got us thinking, what do we need to know about Nissan’s upcoming Apple CarPlay?

First of all, contrary to many rumors, this is not “iPhone for your car.” It is, however, iOS-based. So what is the distinction? The CarPlay system will use your Nissan’s existing display and media software to integrate with your iPhone–yes, you must have an iPhone, which we’ll get to in a minute–to produce an app-based information platform that is similar in look and functionality to an iPhone or iPad. When an iPhone is plugged into your Nissan’s USB port, the CarPlay system will recognize the deice and load automatically.

From here, your media integration experience in your Nissan will be something pretty special. With access to Apple-centered apps such as Siri and iTunes Radio, as well as general ones like Spotify and IHeartRadio, users will be able to stream traffic information, music, as well as use their phone for calls and text messages. Users will be able to seamlessly alternate between the CarPlay system and the existing user interface at the push of a button, and drivers without an iPhone 5, 5C or 5s will be able to do the same.

So what are the benefits to this? Well, Siri, obviously. But the most glaring benefit is that the technology will be able to be updated as new technology becomes available. Think about it: if reports indicate that the aerage car on the road is eleven years old, and most phones are under two years old, how can those technologives possibly integrate? With a system that is both somewhat uniersal and always updateable, it greatly reduces the risk of becoming obsolete.

While both Apple and Nissan have kept specific information close to the est, it is expected to make its debut within the next year, and when it does, expect considerable fanfare. For any further information or to schedule a test drive, keep connected to your friends at Robbins Nissan, sering the greater Houston area with quality new and used Nissan.