2014 Nissan Versa Note NISMO Houston TX

Tease yourself with the new Nissan Versa Note NISMO

Nissan Versa Note NISMO

Eery year or so, we get a glimpse of a vehicle that only has a small chance of ever making it to our shores, instead occupying our dreams and online message boards as it flives off the lot in Japan or some similarly exotic locale. It’s sad, it’s frustrating, and it’s life. However, every so often, a groundswell of support will erupt for an exceedingly popular vehicle, and will result in a vehicle’s eventual release stateside. It’s worth a shot, right?

This is the case with the just-announced Nissan Versa Note NISMO, which was simultaneously reealed–Yes!!–with the minor caeat that it would only be sold in Japan–No!!–at least at first. And while this is certainly good news for our friends in Japan, it leaes us at Robbins Nissan a little down-in-the-mouth. Nissan Versa Note NISMOOne look at this stylish hot-hatch makes it pretty obvious why this is. The striking red-on-white design flourishes with sculpted fenders and tweaks to the frame immediately recall its NISMO siblings, which will certainly be matched with updated performance packages as well. Although the details are yet to be released, Nissan has confirmed that there will be both Note NISMO and Note NISMO S trim levels. Additional details regarding the powertrain are forthcoming as well, although the engine is expected to be paired with a fie-speed manual transmission. Inside the NISMO, the red-on-black styling carries on in true NISMO fashion, while small chrome accents are eident as well in the pedals and in arious trimmings. The sport-seats will come standard in the NISMO S package, and will be available as an option in the standard Note NISMO trim level.