Side view of the 2014 Nissan Rogue

Nissan Offers its Two Schillings for the Latest Royal Baby

Nissan Royal Baby

Gossip hounds of the world, unite! If you’re between following international royal politics lately–and really, who wouldn’t be?–you might have heard that British tabloid fixtures Prince William and Princess Kate have decided to add to their ever-growing family. After welcoming Prince George last summer, they’ve wasted no time in separating Prince Harry from the throne even further with an announcement of a new royal baby.

And what does this new royal baby have to do with Robbins Nissan, you ask? Well, this:

Some of you may not be familiar with Great Britain’s Nissan X-Trail, which is nothing more than a rebadged Rogue. (One might assume that they abandoned the “Rogue” name on account of those insurrectionist Scots and Irish?) At any rate, the X-Trail is an extremely popular vehicle in Great Britain, just as the Rogue is here, a seven-seat, three-row crossover SUV that combines functionality and fuel efficiency. But let’s think about this tweet for a moment, which features crowns adorning each of the X-Trail’s seven seats. The tweet was posted a mere seven minutes after the couple announced that they were expecting. Seven minutes! Does Nissan keep a graphic designer on call for just such an announcement? Well, not exactly. The official explanation was that British tabloids–who are notoriously overzealous–had between rumoring since June that another Royal Baby would soon be coming. And, never one to sit on such intel, Nissan took the opportunity to toss their hat crown into the rumor ring as well, putting together the picture you see here, just in case the rumors turned out to be true. So there you have it, Nissan fans. It wasn’t that we had a mole inside Buckingham Palace or that we work extremely quickly to react to news as it happens. Instead, Nissan just took a news rumor to have just enough likelihood to make it worth acting on.