Nissan Promotes National Pet Adoption Month

At Nissan, we spend our days making outstanding and forward-looking vehicles with the latest in technology and safety. But we also know that as important as a vehicle is to a family, a pet brings joy and love. Nissan is happy to partner with the Pedigree Foundation during National Adopt-a-Dog Month. Visit your Houston Nissan Dealer during Adopt-a-Pet Month at Robbins Nissan to find out how you can help a pet looking for their forever home.

A Partnership with Pedigree

Nissan has partnered with the Pedigree Foundation for Adopt-a-Pet Month this year. Founded in 2008, the Pedigree Foundation is a 501(c)(3) privation foundation that is dedicated to addressing the needs of homeless dogs in the United States. The Pedigree Foundation has donated more than $6.1 million to shelters and rescue organizations since its inception. To make your own tax-deductible donation today, visit the Nissan and Pedigree Foundation donation page today.

Making a Difference in our Community

At your Nissan Dealership in Houston, we are proud to work alongside the Pedigree Foundation. Adopt-a-Pet Month at Robbins Nissan is about providing support to some our community’s most vulnerable members, homeless dogs. Through adoption, volunteer opportunities and donations, the Pedigree Foundation and your Houston Nissan Dealer can make a difference in the lives of these neglected animals.

To find out more about Adopt-a-Pet Month at Robbins Nissan and how you can help, please visit your Nissan Dealership in Houston today. At Robbins Nissan, our team of Nissan experts is proud to offer our support to the Pedigree Foundation and we encourage our customers to do the same.