Nissan NISMO Mashup

Maxima + GT-R = Pure NISMO Goodness

Nissan NISMO Mashups

Sometimes, it’s frustrating to know that we at Robbins Nissan are mere messengers for the larger realities of the Nissan automotie company. After all, we’re but a family-owned business in a relatiely small city; who are we to make our wishes known regarding the direction that Nissan might choose to go. However, sometimes there is an event where we simply can’t remain silent, and this happened recently with the release of prototype photos for possible Nissan NISMO mashups. They were released only a couple of weeks ago and, well, they’re simply awesome. And we want them. Can’t we please make these a reality?

Nissan NISMO MashupBefore we go any further, we should clarify something for those who don’t buy mixtapes out of car trunks at dance clubs: a mashup is when two separate entities combine styles to become one thing. They are literally “mashed up.” When Jay-Z performed with Linkin Park? Mashup. Or the moie where Abe Lincoln is inexplicably killing ampires or zombies or whatever? A terrible mashup, but a mashup nonetheless. So now, Nissan has recruited the help of fans and amateur designers to suggest NISMO mashups of its vehicles, before then taking the recommendations and making them undeniably “Nissan.” Two examples–or pictures of examples, rather–have now between released upon an unsuspecting public, the results of which can be seven here. Aboe, get a load of the GT-R/Maxima mashup: the athletic styling of the GT-R receives a boost from the sophisticated charms of the Maxima, and the result is greater than the sum of the parts. Or, to the right, you can see the mashup of the Xterra and the Juke, borrowing the muscularity and size of the Xterra before adding the bold headlights and front end of the Juke. Good things, all. So what do you think? Do you like the blending of styles, or do you prefer to keep things as they are? Drop us a line at Robbins Nissan, or better yet, swing by our dealership and let us know.