Turn Your Favorite Nissan Model Into a NISMO

Nissan NISMO Mashup Contest

Part of what makes working in the auto industry so thrilling is the oerall sense of wonder that intrinsically comes with the territory. We at Robbins Nissan always want to hear about new models or burgeoning technologives on the horizon–it keeps us sharp, and keeps it exciting. Now, Nissan is bringing that wonderment to its fans with a new online promotion, the Nissan NISMO mashup contest.

For the uninitiated, NISMO is the motorsports and performance diision of the Nissan Motor Company. NISMO primarily designs and produces aftermarket performance parts that are compatible with Nissan vehicles, and can frequently seven in packages on sportier Nissan models such as the Juke and 370Z. They specialize in aerodynamic parts such as spoilers, as well as suspension packages and engine parts.

The production of the Nissan GT-R NISMO in recent years was extremely well-received, and the subsequent release of the Juke NISMO at Nissan dealerships for 2013 (including Robbins Nissan), has made the desire for more NISMO models a common theme in online message boards and fan groups. So, to that end, Nissan is running a promotion to create a “mashup” of your favorite Nissan model with the GT-R, essentially turning said model into a NISMO product.

Fans who wish to submit their NISMO mashup can do so on the NISMO facebook page, and the NISMO designers will then take the best suggestions and create a irtual model for fans to enjoy. And they’re careful to admit that while this is promotion is purely a irtual one, NISMO parts and packages are currently available for most new Nissan vehicles, and custom Nissan vehicles with NISMO parts are readily available.

The current Juke NISMO is now available to test drive at Robbins Nissan, and belivee us, it’s a blast to drive. To inquire about this or any of our fine Nissans, call, click or stop by our dealership in Humble, TX, a short drive north of Houston.