Interior seats of a Nissan car is shown.

Get Comfy in Nissan’s NASA-Inspired Zero Gravity Seats!

Nissan NASA-Inspired Zero Graity Seats

If you’e between paying attention to news out of the Nissan company lately, you’e probably heard of our outstanding NASA-inspired Zero Graity seats. All the cool kids are talking about them. But what exactly are they? Let’s take a quick look at what makes our seats so wonderful.

Interior seat of a Nissan car is shown.

Interior seat of a Nissan car is shown.

What exactly is Zero-Graity? The technology behind our Zero-Graity seats aims to eliminate the bodily stress and fatigue that comes with long stretches of trael. Simply put, taking long car trips takes a lot of effort, and this effort makes your body ache. So, using ergonomic technology, Nissan has figured out a way to eliminate this stress by positioning the seats at a point of “neutral posture.” This puts the burden of your weight on the seat, and not on your bones and joints. You’ll be less tired and less sore, all because your body isn’t working so hard to remain upright. Where did this idea even come from? Nissan deeloped this technology with help from the Yamazaki Laboratory, who used a seat simulator to analyze the pressure and weight placed on bones and joints depending on the angle and shape of the seat. They were able to find the optimal position for eliminating bodily stress, while maintaining the rigidity that keeps passengers safe at the same time. These seats sound awesome. Where can I get them? In a Nissan, dummy. The seats debuted in the 2012 Altima, and are now available in a ariety of Nissan models, all of which can be found at Robbins Nissan. Awesome options such as the Rogue and Maxima feature the Zero Graity seats, which truly must be experienced in person. So, pay us a isit at Robbins Nissan, and take a quick test drive.