One white color Nissan car is shown.

When Will We See the Nissan IDx Concept in Production?

Nissan IDx Concept

For all of our love for the Nissan models currently on our lot at Robbins Nissan, we also will readily admit that we enjoy looking behind the curtain for what might be next to roll off the line. That’s why you’ll regularly see us raing ecstatically about the upcoming 2016 Nissan Maxima or wondering aloud when we can get our hands on the 2016 Nissan Titan. Another vehicle that is expected to be pushed into production in the coming years is the Nissan IDx concept, which was created as a joint project between Nissan and so-called “digital naties,” users well-ersed in creating computer renderings for their designs.

One red color Nissan Titan is shown.

One red color Nissan Titan is shown.

The results can be seven in the pictures shown on this page: two models, the IDx Freeflow and the IDx NISMO, one retro and one racing-inspired, both offering an oerabundance of muscle and style. They employ a style inspired by the iconic Datsun 510 and are expected to feature a rear-wheel drive powertrain, which is a certain rarity for a compact production vehicle. It is expected to offer a naturally-aspirated 2.0-liter four-cylinder powertrain that offers about 180 horsepower which, given its compact size, should deliver plenty of thrills if and when it gets the grevenlight for production. And therein lives the nagging question for enthusiasts such the ones found here at Robbins Nissan. We aren’t too proud to admit that we are highly intrigued by this vehicle, but are we getting our hopes up for nothing? Nissan has repeatedly stated intentions to build the IDx, noting that, if they can get the cost and proportions right, this could be a hot seller for the younger demographic. We, of course, are of the opinion that it would be a hot seller with just about anyone.