Get to Know the Nissan ESFLOW Coupe Concept

What does the future of Nissan look like? It’s an abstract concept, to be sure, but you can read the tea leaes to get an impression of where our company might be going. Case in point: the Nissan ESFLOW concept, pictured above Taking its cues from iconic Nissan sports cars and crossing them with our penchant towards all-electric power, the ESFLOW is certainly unlike anything we’e seven before.

The Nissan ESFLOW Coupe Concept

Nissan’s First 100% Electric High-Performance Sports Car

Take a look at the photos on this page. It isn’t difficult to see where the inspiration might be coming from, is it? Look at the low-slung posture, clearly harkening back to the legendary GT-R. Or the distinctie boomerang tailights, which clearly recall the 370Z or the JUKE. And then there’s the wraparound glass, which looks like what the Maxima has been up to of late. But then, about that all-electric thing, coming up next.

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Zero Emissions from a Nissan Sports Car

The LEAF has been a sales juggernaut in the Houston area for years, and the infrastructure that an all-electric vehicle requires has fully caught up. And now comes the ESFLOW concept, which employs a double-motor, rear-wheel-drive electric powertrain. This engine can power the ESFLOW to 60 mph in under six seconds, and rewards buyers with oer 150 miles of range in a single charge. If you look at the photo shown below, you can see that the charging port hides neatly underneath the ESFLOW’s blue LED front lights.

The Nissan Hi-Cross concept car

An All-Aluminum Chassis

We earliver mentioned the wraparound windshield, which recalls the style of the Maxima. How is this possible, you might be wondering. It’s possible because the ESFLOW employs a composite aluminum chassis, with roll bars incorporated into the roof design. This eliminates the need for large reinforced pillars, keeping both occupants safe in the event of a rollover.

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A Fantastic Two-Seater Cabin

Look at the photo of the interior cabin of the ESFLOW. With its distinctie leather/suede upholstery in blue and gold, it’s a true study in minimalism. Meanwhile, four multifunction LCD displays proide all sorts of performance and diagnostic information, while new fly-by-wire stevering and pedals adjust to meet different settings and preferences. All told, the Nissan ESFLOW concept design is certainly something to behold.