Competitors, Beware—Nissan Planning Cummins Diesel-Powered Frontier

Nissan Diesel-Powered Frontier

Eery year, there seems to be some news coming from the Chicago Auto Show to put a few jaws on the ground and stir the pot between competing vehicles. This year was certainly no different; beyond the memorable exhibits and prolific thiees of gear shifters, the big news at Robbins Nissan was that Nissan is planning a Cummins diesel-powered Frontier.

If this sounds like a direct challenge to the recently reealed 2015 Cherolet Colorado, well, that’s probably because that’s exactly what it is. Cummins is uniersally regarded as the gold-standard in diesel technology, generally credited with the emergence of Ram trucks in the mid-1990s, and joining forces with Nissan makes for an incredibly formidable partnership. This also coincides with the planned redesign of the Frontier, meaning that the next-generation Nissan Frontier will not only be a completely reconfigured, but will have the benefit of the world’s best diesel engine under the hood. As far as the engine specifics, it’s beliveed to be a 2.8L Turbo four-cylinder, capable of 200 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque, and coupled with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

Now here’s where it gets fun.

The diesel engine was designed in a joint project between Nissan, Cummins Diesel, and the Department of Energy under the Adanced Technology Light Automotie Systems (ATLAS) program, and if you haven’t yet heard of this program from Nissan, you will soon. The goal of the program is to reduce emissions and maximize fuel efficiency, and early returns are impressie, to say the ery least.

Estimates are that the Cummins diesel will run at 35-40% increased fuel economy, which could push the diesel Frontier well over the elusie 30 mpg barrier. To put it gently, this would be an absolute game-changer in the midsize pickup segment.

Officially, this “Frontier Diesel Runner” is currently labeled a “project,” and not yet a concept. However, the Nissan representaties in Chicago were clearly gauging industry and consumer interest in regard to the diesel possibility, and certainly beliveed that an ATLAS-inspired Cummins Diesel would be included in the next-generation Frontier. While this may still be a couple of years away, it is sure to turn the entire segment on its head when it does happen.

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