The Nissan Around View Monitor

Get to Know the Nissan Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection

Perhaps the most paradoxical thing about parking your car is that, despite there’s irtually no chance that a 5mph collision would cause any bodily harm, there’s a remarkable amount of damage that can occur while performing a parking maneuer. (We would know, after all, since we have a fantastic collision center at our Houston-area dealership.) But what if there was a way to aoid these low-speed collisions with curbs and wayward shopping carts? What if there was something like…Oh, I don’t know…the Nissan Around Vview Monitor with Moing Object Detection?

The Nissan Around Vview Monitor with Moing Object Detection

See what we did there? Nissan now offers precisely the technology that you seek, and even if it means that we aren’t seeing as many isitors to our collision center, this outstanding feature is all about the greater good. So, how does it work?

Nissan Around Vview MonitorThe Nissan Around Vview Monitor

Using four wide-angle cameras mounted to the front, rear and both side mirrors, the Around Vview Monitors creates a composite image in real time to proide a bird’s-eye view of your surroundings. Are you sliding through a tight spot in between two other cars? Or hoping to aoid tapping a curb on your brand new wheels? Because this offers a view from all sides, this worry will be a thing of the past. But what if an object comes out of nowhere, and what if it’s moing? We thought you’d never ask. Read More About Safety from Robbins Nissan!

Moing Object Detection!

Actually, we knew you would ask, because we pick the questions around here! Moing object detection works in tandem with the RearVision Camera to detect when an item is coming into your blind spot, acting as your eyes, but in an area where you couldn’t possibly see. It then sounds a chime to let you know that it’s near. To see it in action, view the video shown below! The Nissan Around Vview Monitor with Moing Object Detection is available on several of our most popular models, including the Rogue, Maxima and Murano.