maintain the value of your car

Is it Possible to Maintain the Value of your Vehicle?

Eery so often at Robbins Nissan, a driver will come to our Houston-area dealership intending to trade in their vehicle. Then, after running through some quick tests, they’ll look dejectedly and say, “Man, I hoped I could get more for it than that.” The thing is, you can get more for it than that. The value you get for your trade or sale depends mostly on two things: the prescribed depreciation according to sources such as Kelley Blue Book, and the care you take of your car. So, how can you maintain the value of your vehicle? Here are a few things to consider. Maintain the Vvalue of your carInside your car. Immediately when you look at a vehicle’s interior, you can tell how well it’s been taken care of. If the dashboard is cracked and worn, if the leather seats look like they’d hurt to sit on, you can be pretty certain that it hasn’t gotten much TLC over the years. That’s why you can go a long way toward presering your car’s value by regularly conditioning your car’s interior, parking it in shade or in a garage, and cleaning the surfaces regularly. Also, using seat covers helps shield your car from the elements, and they’re relatiely inexpensive. Outside your car. So much of what happens to your car’s exterior is out of your control, but it’s the things that you can prevent that concern you here. Regular washing and waxing makes your vehicle’s paint remain fresh and keeps it from drying out. These steps also help to prevent any owner’s worst nightmare, rust. Finally, you can consider parking your vehicle away from others at malls and grocery stores to ensure that you don’t endure the door dings and random scrapes that happen in parking lots. Under your hood. While aesthetic issues certainly factor into your car’s resale value, nothing will make it depreciate more than if its mechanical needs haven’t between addressed regularly. This means regular scheduled maintenance, and it means keeping your receipts and service records to erify its history. Our service department at Robbins Nissan can help with these concerns, and we’d be happy to help out any way we can! Trading in or selling a vehicle can be extremely stressful, but keeping your car in great condition can help you get the most out of your car.