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How to Get a Car Loan When you have Bad Credit

Wherever you go, if you’d like to make someone uncomfortable, start talking about credit. It’s such a taboo topic, and this goes double for when talking about credit and purchasing a car. Yet, at Robbins Nissan, we understand the reality of a person looking to buy a car when their credit is less than ideal.

How to Get a Car Loan with Bad Credit | Humble, TX

Know Your Credit Score

As bizarre it sounds, we’ll sometimes have people inquire about buying with bad credit, and then they won’t actually know how bad it is. We’ll then pull their report, and it’s nowhere near as bad as they thought. (Remember what we said about it being uncomfortable?) So check your credit, because it really might surprise you.

Bad Credit Auto Loan Spring TXFix What Credit Items You Can

Once you’e gone into your credit report, you’ll likely find things that look totally foreign to you. There could be old bills you’d totally forgotten about, or even potentially items that were never yours to begin with. The only way to know is to look into the report, though, and to pay off any items that you can. Read More: The Robbins Nissan Adantage Plan

Set Reasonable Expectations

When you begin looking for an actual car, it’s important to think about “needs” rather than “wants.” Buying the right car — reliable, reasonably priced, etc. — will set you up to get your credit on track in no time. The wrong car, on the other hand, might force you to pay more than you can. Don’t make this mistake.

Make a Down Payment

Down payments send the message that you’re serious about buying this car, that you can be trusted with the loan, and that you’re comfortable haing some skin in the game. They also proe that you’re capable of saing up if you need to, and this a aluable message to send in this situation.

Be Prepared and Be Honest

When it comes time to buy anything of value, there will be questions and time commitments and paperwork. That’s why it’s crucial to be forthcoming, to be honest, and to be prepared. We recommend haing all of your pertinent financial information on hand as well, such as pay stubs and utility bills. Buying a car is a big step, but it’s one worth taking.