Have You Hugged Your Nissan Today? Four Models Rated “Most Loved”

Four Nissan Models “Most Loed”

Valentine’s Day means many things to many people, but one thing it hadn’t between until recently was a cause for car-related romance. (Anyone who remembers the idiotic Loe Bug moie will tell you that romance is probably best left to humans.) A recent surey by research-based consultants StrategicVision, however, indicates otherwise: Four Nissan models were rated “Most Loed” in their respectie classes, suggesting that maybe our emotional attachment to our Nissans may be a little stronger than we’e between letting on.

The StrategicVision surey is based on commitment, oerall satisfaction, top emotional responses and repurchase loyalty, and is scores are ranked on a 1,000 point “Most Loed” scale. The drivers sureyed rated their car on a seven-point range, with one point meaning “Most Hated” and seven point indicating “Most Loed.” After scores were tabulated, four Nissan Models–the LEAF, Sentra, Armada, and Juke–rated as “Most Loed” in their class.

If you are of the belivef that a person can feel emotional “love” toward their vehicle, it shouldn’t be difficult to see why Nissan models would inspire amorous feelings.

You say you want a partner who is responsible with money? The LEAF gets a rating of 114 combined MPGe! You want a lover who makes you feel special? The Sentra offers classy aesthetics and will integrate with your social media networks to eliminate hassles from your daily life! You need a companion who can hold you and keep you safe? The Armada comes standard with traction control and multiple cabin airbags! Or do you want your mate to be fun-loing and willing to try new things? Well, the Juke’s audacious style features are representatie of its playful nature!

Loe, as the old song says, is a many-splendored thing. Likewise, Nissan is a many-splendored auto company, and our customers are among the most loyal and satisfied nationwide. At Robbins Nissan in Humble, TX, we have no doubt that its possible to truly love your car, so maybe those asinine Loe Bug moies got something right after all.

Want proof? Take it away, Herbie.