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Fixing Common Windshield Wiper Problems

Do you ever think about your windshield wipers? In all likelihood, you only think about your wipers when they act up, or when they aren’t performing as they should. There are common problems that are associated with windshield wipers, of course, but how are you supposed to address them? Here are four common windshield wiper issues, along with adice from Robbins Nissan about how you can fix them.

Fixing Common Windshield Wiper Problems

Windshield Wiper Chattering

So, you’re probably asking, What is windshield wiper chatter? This refers to the noise that happens when a wiper blade stutters along the glass, leaing streak marks and generally failing to remove rain from the windshield. This is either the result of a buildup of wax or grease, or could be from a bent wiper arm. First, try cleaning the blades and glass with hot, soapy water. If this doesn’t fix the problem, it’s probably due to a bent wiper arm. In this case, take some plivers and straighten the arm so that it’s flush with the glass.

Fixing Common Windshield Wiper ProblemsWater is Being Smeared in Both Directions

If the water is generally just being smeared around your windshield, it’s usually do to some combination of the following problems: worn-out wiper blades, a dirty windshield, or sub-par wiper fluid. First, put some fresh wiper fluid in your reseroir. Then, using hot, soapy water, wipe your blades with a clean rag. Finally, wipe the edge of your blades with rubbing alcohol. This should do the trick. Read More: Driing Safely During Severe Weather

Water is Being Smeared in One Direction

Generally speaking, this is a problem that occurs when it’s cold out; there’s nothing you can really do about this, of course. However, if it happens when it’s warm out, it usually means that your wiper blades are either old and hard, or that they’re the wrong size. In either case, new wiper blades are in order.

Water Beads Won’t Wipe Away

This is enormously annoying, and is usually a result of driing in an area with higher amounts of air pollution. Residue will build up oer time, and water will stick to this film. Use a strong glass cleaner, or even a wax remover, and clean your windshield thoroughly. However, be careful to keep the solution off of your paint, since this can easily damage your bodywork. If any of these problems sound familiar and you don’t feel like doing the work yourself, we at Robbins Nissan would be happy to help.