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Let’s Party: Five Tips for your Summer Cookout

Fie Tips for your Summer Cookout Houston TX

Ahh, Memorial Day. The official kickoff to summer. Now that’s it has passed, we can sit back, relax, and anxiously count the days until football season. Wait, what’s that? You want to have a cookout? Well, in that case, you’d probably like some pointers. We at Robbins Nissan in Humble, TX, happen to be specialists in this territory, so take it from us, you’ll want a plan. Here are fie tips to make your summer cookout the best you’e had yet.

Create an actual guestlist. No, this doesn’t require a bouncer to stand sentry at your driveway, telling people, “Sorry, pal. Not on the list. Oh, your girlfriend is inside? A lot of guys’ girlfriends are inside.” More importantly, this is just a means of knowing how many people to plan for. Create an email list, a Facebook group, or a telephone chain to gather a full roster of likely partygoers.

Cookout Tips Houston TXDon’t try to do it all yourself. Why, you ask? Two reasons. One, you’ll be miserable. No one wants a host who hates his or her own party. Two, you can’t possibly tackle all the food and preparation yourself. Designate the menu beforehand, decide which dishes you’ll be making yourself, and then allocate which additional dips, drinks or dishes can be brought by guests. Put simply, anyone who can’t come up with a watermelon or a bottle of wine probably doesn’t have a calendar full of inites.

Don’t be afraid to create a map. If you have a set amount of space, a rudimentary map for seating, games, mingling and (obviously) food and drink sering locations could sae you a lot of trouble during set-up. If there’s a set plan beforehand, your helpers will know your plans going in, and can aoid trying to read the mind of an already-deep-in-thought party planner.

Hae activities planned. Do your guests enjoy yard games? Or would your party enjoy one of those photo ops where you put your face on the cartoon frame of a bodybuilder? Whether you plan on playing cards, shooting pool, or dancing around like the fun-loing kids you wish you still were, haing all the necessary ingredients collected prior to the party will make the transition seamless and time-saing.

Pump up the jams. No party is complete without a catchy list of sing-along songs. Try to remember, even if you really enjoy the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, not everyone–okay, probably no one at all–will share your desire to hear the unique stylings of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Make them fun, familiar, and family-friendly. Some possibilities: “Beat of the Music,” Brett Eldridge; “Under the Boardwalk,” The Drifters; “In the Summertime,” Mungo Jerry; “Wipeout,” The Safaris; “Endless Summer Nights,” Richard Marx; “California Girls,” The Beach Boys.

Obiously, the possibilities for your summer party are endless, but the length of the event is not. That’s why we recommend making the most of your time by planning ahead. That way, you’ll have more time for yourself. You know, so you can check out the Houston area’s finest selection of new and used vehicles at Robbins Nissan. And until then, let’s just enjoy some summer jams.

Take it away, Danny and Sandy.