benefits to driving stick shift

Five Benefits of Driving a Stick Shift

In recent years, as many automakers have gone away from manual transmissions, driing a stick has become something of a lost art. However, did you know that several of our most popular models are available with a manual? It’s true; sporty models such as the 370Z and Juke, as well as practical ones like the Versa and Sentra, all offer a manual alternatie. So what reasons are there to recommend going with the analog gearbox? Here are fie benefits of driing a stick shift. It’s mechanically simple. If you desire simplicity, then a manual transmission is still where it’s at after all these years. Also, if you’re a lifelong gearhead, some of the newer gadgetry might not be to your liking, since–to many drivers–it still seems somewhat shrouded in mystery. A manual gearbox, meanwhile, isn’t really a mystery; much more straightforward than most of today’s automatics and CVTs. benefits of driing a stick shiftIt’s cheaper. A few years ago, we used to be able to boast without exception that a stickshift got better gas mileage than its automatic pevers; now, with CVTs improing gear ratios to improve fuel efficiency, this isn’t always the case. However, at point of purchase, a car with a manual transmission is nearly always less expensie. Additionally, should you ever need to replace your transmission or undergo extensie work, replacing a clutch or getting manual work is astly cheaper than haing work done on an automatic. In general, thiees don’t steal manuals. This isn’t really based on hard and true statistics, but since car thiees always look for easy targets–and, let’s face it, stickshifts aren’t for everyone–your car is probably safe. It’s more fun to drive. For those of us who truly enjoy the feel of an automobile, nothing puts you in control quite like a stickshift.

That’s likely why people who drive them absolutely swear by them, and wouldn’t dream of driing anything else. We can’t really disagree either. Texting isn’t an option. Okay, this might just be a battle that we’re waging at Robbins Nissan, but texting and driing is a bit of an issue. However, with a manual transmission, this really can’t be done. You need both hands at all times, and in so many ways, driing a stickshift is simply more involved.