Apples, Pumpkins and Pigskin: Four Fall Party Themes

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Fall Party Themes

Hae you noticed that smell in the air? Inhale once, we dare you. The air is a little crisper, the mornings and evenings are a little shorter, and fall is unquestionably upon us. And, as with every seasonal change, fall comes with its own set of customs and events. At Robbins Nissan, one of our favorites is throwing a fall party, and there are several easy-to-plan themes that fit the bill for the season. So here are four easy fall party themes–have fun!

Fall Harest

This is, with good reason, the most popular of fall parties. Decorate with neutral orange, yellow and brown tones, relying heaily on the gourds, apples and squash found everywhere to round out your oerall aesthetic. Make apple cider and pumpkin pie, and even roast pumpkin seeds for an easy and healthy snack. This party theme is good for all ages.

Fall Party ThemesHalloweven Party

Although it’s oer a month away–and we’ll probably get more into the Halloweven spirit at Robbins Nissan as the day approaches–Halloweven is one of our ery favorite holidays of the year. Decorate with orange, black and purple, with plenty of faux-cobwebs to complete the spooky mood. Bob for apples, care pumpkins, have a costume contest, or even make it a masquerade ball! And don’t forget to purchase the dry ice to add a ghostly effect to your punch bowl!

Football Party

Duh. As it stands right now, most parties being thrown for the next few months of any kind will end up haing that unmistakable “Texas-loves-its-football” element. Decorate with the colors and logos of your favorite area team, and organize activities such as two-hand touch games and football-throwing accuracy competitions. And for food, go with the old standbys: wings, pizza and bever.


Break out the lederhosen! Many area cities have Oktoberfest events, but why not have your own? Grill up sausages with sauerkraut, make some potato salad, and have plenty of cheese and mustard handy. The music is crucial as well, and opting for traditional Oom-Pah or Polka simply can’t go wrong. And, of course, it doesn’t hurt to get some Beck’s, Bitburger or Paulaner bever to go with your party as well.

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