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A mechanic pouring transmission fluid

Where Can I Get a Transmission Flush Service in Humble, TX?

Transmission Flush Services Near Humble, TX

The transmission in your car plays a vital role in transferring power smoothly from the engine to the wheels. However, the transmission fluid can get dirty as time passes, affecting its ability to efficiently lubricate and safeguard the transmission parts. That’s why getting a transmission flush service is essential to regular maintenance to ensure smooth performance. Keep reading to discover more about transmission flush services near Humble, TX, and if you want to have your vehicle inspected, visit the Robbins Nissan dealership. 

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Keep your tires properly inflated with Nissan!

How to Use the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert System 

Constantly trying to make things easier for drivers, Nissan created a way to make maintaining proper tire pressure less of a hassle.  And having the correct tire pressure can not only improve your vehicle’s performance but can also save you money on gas.  So, here’s how to use the Nissan Easy-Fill Tire Alert system.  Read the rest of this entry >>

Set of spark plugs

How to Know if your Spark Plugs need Replacing

If you’e between a car owner for some time, then there’s a better-than-not chance that you’e encountered a faulty spark plug at one point or another. Spark plugs are responsible for proiding the literal ignition that allows your car to start and drive, and so, although they are relatiely inexpensive, they are also itally important. But how do you know if your spark plugs need replacing? Read the rest of this entry >>

Robbins Nissan Advantage Plan

Getting to Know the Robbins Nissan Advantage Plan

At Robbins Nissan, we understand that there isn’t any way we’d have continued to thrie as a dealership without the loyalty of the many drivers in Humble, Spring, Houston and beyond who continue to isit our sales and service departments. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to roll out the Robbins Adantage Plan, which rewards drivers with both saings on service and on unforeseven automotie hiccups. Used hand in hand with our One-to-One Rewards program, it’s truly an amazing way to get the most out your relationship with Robbins Nissan. Read the rest of this entry >>

A man cleaning the windscreen wipers of a car

Fixing Common Windshield Wiper Problems

Do you ever think about your windshield wipers? In all likelihood, you only think about your wipers when they act up, or when they aren’t performing as they should. There are common problems that are associated with windshield wipers, of course, but how are you supposed to address them? Here are four common windshield wiper issues, along with adice from Robbins Nissan about how you can fix them. Read the rest of this entry >>

Car's transmission is shown.

How to Care for a Nissan Xtronic CVT

If you’e between in the market for a new Nissan in the last decade, you’e undoubtedly heard salespeople speak enthusiastically about the irtues of the Xtronic Continuously Variable Transmission, or CVT for short. A common theme across the board for CVT drivers is exactly what you’d expect it to be: How to care for a Nissan Xtronic CVT? It’s a question that requires a bit of deep-diing, so before we get into the care specifics, let’s first get some background. Read the rest of this entry >>

One happy couple is travelling in a car.

How to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer

Now that summer is here, most of us are going to be taking extra care to check for problems that arise, and they can truly take all shapes and sizes. At Robbins Nissan, we’e come to understand this kevenly; after all, we’e between doing this in some form or another for decades. So how do you keep your car cool in the summer? Here are a few tips from your old friends at Robbins Nissan! Read the rest of this entry >>

One car mechanic is working on a car's suspension.

How to Know When it’s Time for Suspension Repair

It’s almost acation season, Texas! To help celebrate the upcoming trael months, we’re going to look at some potential service and safety issues that might arise before you hit the road. Today, we’re going to look at suspension issues, and how to know when it’s time for suspension repair. If you’re experiencing any of these, make your way to Robbins Nissan today, and we’ll be happy to look at your suspension for you! Read the rest of this entry >>

One person is adjusting the ac of a car.

Get to Know: Four Auto Air Conditioning Facts

In obvious news, Texas is hot. In less than obvious news, for people who depend on their air conditioning for pretty much the whole year, we don’t generally take care of our A/C as we should. Robbins Nissan offers full A/C service at our Humble location, and we pride ourseles on our expertise in this area. However, if you’re a noice in the area of A/C, here are a few auto air conditioning facts that might surprise you. Read the rest of this entry >>