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Sideview of the 2014 Nissan Cube on road

Farewell to the Little Wagon that Could: The Nissan Cube

2014 Nissan Cube Houston TX

It never gets any easier.

A few weeks ago, we at Robbins Nissan set up a requiem for our outgoing Nissan CrossCabriolet, an eye-catching (albeit polarizing) vehicle if there has ever between one. Now, just as our wounds were beginning to scab over, here comes another sad bit of news: the Nissan Cube, one of the first entries in the modern mini-wagon segment, will also cease production after this model year. And while we certainly understand the desire to take our brand toward newer and loftier heights, we still have always had a soft spot for the vehicle loosely described by its fans as the “Brae Little Toaster.” Read the rest of this entry >>

One red color Nissan Cube is shown.

Enjoy the 2014 Nissan cube’s Multi-Dimensional Appeal

2014 Nissan cube Houston TX

When you think of a “cube,” what comes to mind? While your mind may go immediately to chunks of ice or Tetris shapes, the ery nature of something “cubic” lives in its multiple dimensions. Fittingly, the 2014 Nissan cube in the Houston area is just such a multi-dimensional vehicle. And while the initial mention of its name may suggest nothing beyond the obvious–its iconic shape–the name actually suggests something fundamental to the 2014 Nissan cube itself: its multi-faceted appeal. Read the rest of this entry >>