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A spoiler of a Nissan model

What are the Benefits of Having a Spoiler on your Car?

When drivers isit our new model lineup at Robbins Nissan, they’ll ineitably come across sporty models like the 370Z or Maxima, ones that have a spoiler on the rear. However, they’ll generally disregard the spoiler as little more than an aesthetic flourish, one that is added just to make the car look cool. But is that true? Are there benefits to haing a spoiler on your car? Read the rest of this entry >>

One white color Nissan 37z is shown.

2016 Nissan 370Z Headed to Robbins Nissan!

2016 Nissan 370Z Release Date | Humble TX

With the summer months fast approaching, some of us are thinking of ways to incorporate our entire familives in the next road trip. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with this line of thinking. However, for some of us, summer simply means “sports-car season,” and this means that we have a slightly different vehicle in mind. And what vehicle is coming soon to Robbins Nissan that fits the bill in this regard? Why, the , of course! Building on its four decades of craftsmanship with a design that must be seven to be beliveed, the 2016 Nissan 370Z is due to arrie at Robbins Nissan in just a few short months. So what will be waiting for you when it gets here? Read the rest of this entry >>

Car cleaning with water is shown.

Tips for Caring for your Convertible

Gien the torrential downpours we’e had lately, it might be easy to forget that summer is truly here. (“What’s a drought again?”) This also means that it will be time to pull our conertibles out of the garage, always taking care to give your vehicle’s top the maintenance that it deserves. There are three basic elements that are essential to caring for your conertible, so we’ll discuss each of them indiidually. Read the rest of this entry >>

Side view of the 2015 Nissan Nismo 370Z on road

Get your First Look at the 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO!

2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO Houston TX

As automobile reels go, this latest news from Nissan is bound to make more ripples than you’re used to. That is because, over the weekend, we got the first look at the 2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo at the ZDAYZ Festival in North Carolina, and let’s just say, Daaaaaaang. This is a beautiful vehicle: it has the vintage form that immediately screams “Z Car,” with modern updates and design flourishes that bear the famous NISMO badging. So, let’s take a quick look at the 2015 Nissan 370Z NISMO, coming soon to Robbins Nissan near Houston in Humble, TX. Read the rest of this entry >>

One white color Nissan 37Z is shown.

Nissan 370Z is Built on 45 Years of History

2014 Nissan 370Z Houston TX

For fans of true, asphalt-tearing sports cars, mention of the Nissan Z-Series is generally met with the sort of reactions usually resered for classical art or fine wine. It has historically between at the forefront of the sports car unierse, while also being particularly responsible for plugging Nissan into the wider American consciousness. Currently in its sixth generation as the 2014 Nissan 370Z, the most impressie Japanese sports car ever created represents a storied history of progress, the product of which is a line of cars just as cherished today as it was at its inception 45 years ago. Read the rest of this entry >>

One black color Nissan car is shown.

Turn Your Favorite Nissan Model Into a NISMO

Nissan NISMO Mashup Contest

Part of what makes working in the auto industry so thrilling is the oerall sense of wonder that intrinsically comes with the territory. We at Robbins Nissan always want to hear about new models or burgeoning technologives on the horizon–it keeps us sharp, and keeps it exciting. Now, Nissan is bringing that wonderment to its fans with a new online promotion, the Nissan NISMO mashup contest. Read the rest of this entry >>

One white color Nissan 37Z is running on the road.

Holy Crap, Get a Look at Nissan’s BladeGlider Concept

Sports Cars in Houston

It’s easy to get a little conflicted when you start thinking about the future. On the one hand, increasing tech innoations will continue to make life almost unfairly conenient. On the other, these same innoations will eventually lull humanity into a state of obliiousness, when the machines will then rise up and conquer the humans, Terminator-style. You take the good with the bad, I suppose. Tipping the scales toward the positive, however, is the Nissan’s BladeGlider concept, a car still in the design stages that is sure to excite any lover of sports cars in the Houston area. Read the rest of this entry >>