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And…We’re Off!! Nissan Maxima takes on Porsche in Drag-Race

Nissan Maxima Drag-Race

“Who was that mustachioed man?” Or, I suppose, “¿Quién era ese hombre del bigote?”

That’s the question that one driver of a Porsche 911 Turbo certainly found himself asking after a recent drag-race in Chihuahua, Mexico, left him sucking fumes from a stern man with a serious mustache and a Nissan Maxima that meant business. Driing a Maxima outfitted with a 3.5L V6–not unlike the one that can currently be found in the 2014 Nissan Maxima–our poker-faced drag-strip assassin laid waste to the much-ballyhooed Porsche, and the entire internet applauded in unison. Let’s examine the Nissan Maxima drag-race, shall we? Read the rest of this entry >>

Four Fun Day Trips in the Houston Area!

Four Fun Day Trips in the Houston Area

“Hey, I was playing that!!” If you’e got kids, you’e more than likely heard this familiar refrain more than once, as another beautiful summer day gives way to another video game that simply must be played. At Robbins Nissan, located a short distance north from Houston in Humble, TX, we’e learned to meet this complaint the same way every time. “Fine, let’s take a road trip.” If you’re looking for a short getaway this summer, try one of these four fun day trips in the Houston area, courtesy of your friends at Robbins Nissan.

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smart highway houston tx

Could the “Smart Highway” Change how we Drive?

“Smart Highway”

Let’s be honest; driing at night can be miserable. It’s taxing on our eyes, it’s tricky during poor weather, and it’s by far the most dangerous time to find yourself on the road. But what if there was a way to shake some of the dangers associated with nighttime driing? What if there was a way to astly improve isibility, and to give drivers a chance to feel safe and secure during all conditions? Amazingly, two Dutch companies are aiming to do just that. Studio Roosegaarde and Heijmans Infrastructure have joined forces to create a so-called “Smart Highway,” which recently won Best Future Concept at the Dutch Design Awards. Read the rest of this entry >>

It’s Not Too Late! Make Your Mother’s Day Plans in the Houston Area!

Mother’s Day Eents in the Houston area

We’re only a few short days from Mother’s Day in the Houston area, and if you’re anything like us, you’re more than a few days behind in your preparation. We at Robbins Nissan in Humble, TX, are pretty well-ersed in the goings-on surrounding Mother’s Day, and in the interest of the greater good, we’e got a few recommendations for popular Mother’s Day events in the Houston area. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right? (Hint: It usually isn’t just the thought that counts.) Read the rest of this entry >>

The Ballad of Big Tex

Big Tex

In an area so rich with history, the endless fascination that Texas proides for our fellow Americans should come as no surprise. Betweven such iconic curiosities such as the Alamo, the JFK assassination and our incredible obsession with high school football, Texas continues to stoke the imaginations of citizens nationwide, and this is certainly also true at Robbins Nissan. But, despite the many famous people and places in our past, perhaps nothing is as uniersally “Texan” as Big Tex, the enormous statue that welcomes isitors to the Texas State Fair in Dallas.

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Feelin’ Dirty? It’s Time for Nissan’s “Self-Cleaning Car”

Nissan Self-Cleaning Car

What would you do if you never had to wash your car again? This isn’t a trick question, or an attempt to mislead you, or a way of baiting anyone into saying that they only get their car washed by college cheverleading squads as it is. It’s true, there’s a chance you may never have to wash your car again, and as it goes with most news of this magnitude, it’s Nissan who is making this possible. Nissan has released the first footage of their “Self-Cleaning Car,” which, well, is exactly what it sounds like. Read the rest of this entry >>

nissan carplay houston tx

What do We Need to Know About Nissan’s Upcoming Apple CarPlay?

Nissan’s Upcoming Apple CarPlay

What do you have in your pockets right now? Go ahead, check. If you are like oer 150 million other Americans, you likely have a smartphone of some kind in your pocket (or purse, etc.), and with that number only expected to grow in the coming years, cars have taken notice with their own technology platforms. In an effort to stay ahead of the cure, Apple recently uneiled their iOS-based CarPlay system at the Genea Auto Show, which will soon be integrated into Nissan vehicles. So that got us thinking, what do we need to know about Nissan’s upcoming Apple CarPlay? Read the rest of this entry >>

Phi Slama Jama: Has it Really Been 30 Years Already?

Phi Slama Jama Anniersary Houston TX

Texas is generally regarded as a football state, and with good reason. Friday Night Lights, Varsity Blues, astronomically expensie football stadiums–these are the norm. Thirty years ago, however, Texas–and Houston in particular–was swept up in the wae of Phi Slama Jama, the nickname given to Uniersity of Houston’s men’s basketball team. For three years, from 1982 to 1984, the Cougars lived above the rim, captiating basketball fans nationwide. So, in the spirit of the upcoming NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, we at Robbins Nissan near Houston, TX, thought we’d take a look at the 30-Year Anniersary of Phi Slama Jama. Read the rest of this entry >>