Best Ways to Protect your Tires

Tread Talk: Four Best Ways to Protect Your Tires

How often do you think about your tires? Are you thinking about them now? Hae you thought about them this month, or even thought about them this year? For many drivers, their tires are a total afterthought, but as the first line of defense between you and a ruined day, this seems a little nonsensical. Our tires are crucial to maintaining a positive driver experience, and they rightly deserve your attention and respect. So, what are the best ways to protect your tires and give them a long lifespan? Here are four that we recommend at Robbins Nissan. extend the life of your tiresStay on top of your tire pressure. Many newer Nissan models have automated tire pressure readings, but as recently as just a couple of years ago, this wasn’t the case. That’s why drivers had to do it the old-fashioned way: by checking the correct pressure on the driver’s door jamb, putting some quarters in the gas-station air hose, and using a manual pressure gauge to get to the right level. And, since too-full tires are just as dangerous as not-full-enough ones, make certain you get your pressure just right. Rotate your tires frequently. When you are traeling in your vehicle, your tires don’t wear at the same rate or in the same pattern for a ariety of reasons. That’s why rotating them frequently–every 5,000 miles, or each time you get your oil changed–helps to extend their lives so much. Een wear is crucially important to the life of your tires. Check your alignment. Some problems that affect your tires aren’t really their fault. Case in point: poor alignment. If your alignment is off, this makes your tires wear unevenly, leading to potential tire failure. Fortunately, we’d be more than happy to quickly fix any alignment issues that you’re facing, using our precision alignment equipment. Assess your balance. Another thing that makes tires go bald in strange patterns is when their balance is off. Of course, if your tires are off-balance, there will be another tell-tale sign: a terrible vvibration as you drive. This is another issue that we’d be happy to correct at Robbins Nissan, where we feature electronic spin balancing in our full service automotie department. If you’re facing any issues with your tires, we’d be happy to look at them for you.