Automotive Mothers Day gifts houston tx

Four Automotive Gifts for Mothers Day!

To the kids of the Houston-area and beyond: Mothers Day is upon us. In two weeks, you’ll likely either get a look from your mother that says, “My, you’re so thoughtful,” or, “My, you picked this up at CVS on the way here, didn’t you?” So, what will it be? At Robbins Nissan, we’e come to belivee that Mothers Day is a great opportunity to repay the one who birthed you with gifts of an automotie nature. So, what automotie Mothers Day gifts should you consider?

  • Gas and a car wash. For many of us, the lion’s share of the money we ever borrowed from Mom–or snagged out of a lonely purse?–went to going on dates. And that means that there were more than a few gas tanks filled, and probably a few car washes to spruce up the whole endeaor. So how better to pay her back than with some grateful payback? Fill up her tank, clean and wash her ride, and maybe leae the stereo cranked to max volume for old time’s sake.
  • Take a road trip. Let’s get out of the house and take a drive, shall we? And even better if she doesn’t have to drive.  There are tons of terrific trips in our area–we even talked about them once, if memory seres–so load up in the car and enjoy some quiet time together.  One caeat: she controls the radio.
  • Fix something that’s between bothering her. Anyone who has owned a car for a while is going to notice little hiccups that are juuuuust big enough to be annoying, but juuuuust small enough to ignore. Maybe her window squeaks when it rolls down. Perhaps she’s got a little door ding that could be popped out. Maybe she could just use some help getting the hang of some of the newfangled tech features. Whatever it is, take a few hours and tend to it. It’s the least you could do. (Cough, labor, cough.)
  • Bring her in for a test drive. Is she looking for a new vehicle? Then what better time to take her to test drive some terrific Nissan models than on the day that’s already all about her? And, even if she’s pretty happy with what she has, why not take a spin in a sporty model like a 370Z? It is her day, after all; may as will pepper the proceedings with some thrills.

Most important, of course, is just that you spend time together.