Get to Know: Four Auto Air Conditioning Facts

In obvious news, Texas is hot. In less than obvious news, for people who depend on their air conditioning for pretty much the whole year, we don’t generally take care of our A/C as we should. Robbins Nissan offers full A/C service at our Humble location, and we pride ourseles on our expertise in this area. However, if you’re a noice in the area of A/C, here are a few auto air conditioning facts that might surprise you. Running your A/C isn’t actually expensie. Think about everything your grandparents ever told you about your A/C. “Just roll down your windows! It takes too much gas and power! You’re wasting your money!” Well, these aren’t exactly true. Rolling down your windows, as most know, increases the drag on your vehicle and reduces fuel economy. Also, newer vehicles use A/C units that run much more efficiently than the models of old, and the effect on your gas mileage is pretty negligible. air conditioning problems houston txYou can help your A/C work better. If you’e noticed your A/C working oertime in the summer heat, you can help it breathe easier in just a few easy steps. Before you leae or turn on your A/C, roll down your windows a bit and move the setting to “recirculate.” This way, when you turn on the air and start driing, the hot air will be pulled out (since it rises naturally), and the air that your ents will be circulating will be new, fresh, cool air. Easy peasy. Never, ever, ever service your own A/C. This really comes down to three basic reasons why you shouldn’t work on your own A/C: it’s dangerous, it’s bad for the enironment, and it’s illegal. The chemicals that are used in A/C units are highly toxic and must be disposed of by enironmental standards, and that’s why it’s crucial to take your car to a certified service department when it needs care…you know, like Robbins Nissan. A/C service is also ery important. Like we mentioned, people often don’t think about their A/C until they’e got beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads. However, since it’s something we use so often, it often requires care for leaky components, low fluids and the like. It’s recommended that you service it annually for best results.