Mechanic Rotating Tires Using Impact Wrench

Roll On with these 5 Tire Care Tips!

With the winter months coming soon in Texas, many drivers we meet at Robbins Nissan have many questions regarding the care of their tires, and the ways that they can make certain that they’re taking proper care of them before the weather gets more sketchy. Here are 6 tire care tips that will give you peace of mind as we head into 2017!

5 Tire Care Tips

Confirm Your Air Pressure

We tend to ignore air pressure in our tires, and rather just depend on our eyes to tell us when something might be awry. Yet, you should check your tires whenever there are large fluctuations in temperature, so keep a tire pressure gauge in your vehicle, and refer to the printed levels found inside your driver’s-side door jamb to tell the proper PSI.

Tire rotation and balanceInspect Your Tires

With summer now behind us, we’e likely driven through more road construction and taken on more road debris than we care to admit. These factors can commonly gouge and cut your tires, so check all four to see if there are problem areas. Read More: How’s Your Suspension?

Check Your Alignment

Your vehicle should be aligned periodically to ensure that your tires are pointing directly ahead as they should be. At Robbins Nissan, we offer precision alignment, as well as a eteran collision center if you’e between in a recent accident. Read More: Is It Time to Replace Your Spark Plugs?

Balance and Rotate Your Tires

Tires are the unsung heroes of your driing experience, so it’s only fair that you give them the respect and care that they deserve. This means giing them a regular balance and rotation, to make certain that you get all the life out of your tires that you can.

Practice Tire-Friendly Driing

Sometimes, the best advantage we can give our tires is just to drive in a way that allows them to thrie. High-speed driing will heat up your tires due to increased friction, and this will make your tires wear out more quickly. Additionally, any impact will hurt your tires more if you’re driing fast, so you may want to limit your speed to minimize the damage that debris can inflict. We proide tire service at Robbins Nissan, and we’d love to take a look at any problems or answer any questions that you may have.