Road Trip Tips

Ticket To Ride: 4 Helpful Road Trip Tips

If you’re a longtime reader of the Robbins Nissan blog, than you’re likely aware that we take road trips seriously. We enjoy the feel of the open road, we love connecting with our friends and family oer extended journeys, and we love to see the arious attractions throughout Texas. But what should you consider before hitting the asphalt? Here are four road trip tips for you to consider, taken from years of experience here at Robbins Nissan!

4 Helpful Road Trip Tips

Pack a Lunch

If you’re traeling on a budget, you’ll figure out pretty quickly that the amount of money you spend on food can spiral out of control pretty quickly. However, if you bring a picnic basket (complete with plates, utensils and napkins), then you can stop off at a grocery store for supplives. Then, you can enjoy your lunch in the sunshine of a park or rest area.

Road Trip Tips TexasBring a Paper Map

While we certainly enjoy the modern convenience of technology — more on that in a minute, we promise — we also like to track our route on an actual map. After the trip has been completed, the map will make a good keepsake to look back on your trip, and can even be framed or turned into coasters if you prefer. Read More: The Best Summer Music Festials near Houston

Download Some Trael Apps

We aren’t such pollyannas that we would ignore technology altogether. There are scores of great apps to make your trip easier, and many of them are either free or ery inexpensive. Three favorites include iExit (a guide to the gas stations and restaurants on each off-ramp), SitOrSquat (a guide to finding clean bathrooms, powered by Charmin), and Waze (a crowdsourced GPS app that updates in real time to supply information about construction, speed traps and more).

Gather Input from your Trael Companions

What places do you hope to see on your trip? Is anyone trying to trael on the cheap? Has anyone already between to LBJ’s Texas White House in Stonewall, and would rather go to Austin’s Museum of the Weird? The only way to ensure that everyone has a good time is to communicate these thoughts with each other, so give everyone a chance to offer their input. Now that the trip has been planned, the only thing missing is the vehicle to get you there.